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Integration of Invention2Go

We are pleased to inform you that INVENTION2GO GmbH has been integrated into LEISINGER Deutschland GmbH. The current business unit of INVENTION2GO GmbH will be managed by LEISINGER Deutschland GmbH from 1 July 2020 under the trademark-protected name INVENTION2GO.

The following strategic considerations have convinced us that this integration will offer you, as well as for us, various advantages in order to continue to serve the rapidly growing market for charging infrastructure and electromobility sustainably.


From now on, we are about 35 employees in the areas of consulting, sales, project management, installation, assembly, and service, and more than a multiple as before.


Internal synergies of resources and competencies guarantee you optimal and flexible cooperation.


LEISINGER Deutschland GmbH, your partner for charging infrastructure, now offers consulting, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and service from a single source.


With the integration, we are now even better positioned as the clear market leader for charging infrastructure in Baden-Württemberg in order to offer you future convincing services.

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We develop for you
and with you!

Early on we’ve learned, that there is much that we actually don’t know. And that’s why we listen very carefully to our customers wishes and concerns. To offer our knowledge, to counsel, to challenge and then be part of the best solution. That is exactly what we strive for.

Over the last decade LEISINGER evolved with our customers into a highly flexible service provider in the processing mechanical engineering industry. Today, we are able to offer you a wide selection of possibilities ranging from an EDI- Interface over flexible working models to an employer-funded pension. Everything you need for an enduring long partnership and an absolutely reliable high quality standard.


Complete & individual solutions

We manufacture economical assemblies for you, as well as identical parts to the drawing, in order to guarantee a smooth flow of your added value.

High quality made in Germany

We manufacture at our location in Neuchatel in order to be close to the product at all times. We believe in the economy of short distances and quick decisions, so only this location is an option for us.

Flexible and economical

LEISINGER has evolved and managed to operate across industries. The production has been expanded by many different and therefore we produce a wide range of products and supply a wide range of industries.

Service oriented

We do not try to sell you our ideas, but to implement your ideas with us and to support you in your product development in the best possible way. This is about giving you the best possible product with our skills.