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Due to the asymmetric bold the pressure of the noise cancellation system to the welding ball can be modified according to the needs of our customers.

General labeling for the mounting direction of the bearings. The bearings are developed for the right / left vehicle side. Reference point is behind the vehicle looking in driving direction.

Due to the patented noise-cancellation installments (roll or Anti-rattle-device, etc.) the noise of the vehicle emission is reduced, since the clash of metal parts is minimized or completely eliminated.

Specially produced plastic cups embed the welding balls. The wearing of the metal is avoided. Material and construction are enabling maintenance free and long lasting lifecycle.

The welding end of the balls can be round or squared. This side is welded to the chassis of the vehicle.

Galvanic and fin coating standard used in the automotive and vehicle upfitting industry. No Chrome-6 is used and a very high corrosion protection is reached. We deliver our components coated and raw, depending on our customers’ request.

Due to a special developed security bolt which is holding the bearing in place, the vehicle is protected against the wrong configuration of the security bolds, which could lead to big damages on the chassis of the vehicle or the trailer.

The weight references are categorizing vehicle sizes. The total weight of the vehicle including the payload is referred to.

We deliver customers mainly through distributors. We offer a direct delivery service to OEM´s.
To realize special customer requirements, we are at your service. Contact us and we will find an individual solution regarding the sales channel and the product.