3-Way Tilting Bearings

3-Way Tilting Bearings

Economical and
maintenance free

The LEISINGER 3-way tilting bearing also has an integrated Noise Cancellation System that uses a robust Vulcollan roll. The roll is adjustable eccentrically. The tilting bearing is supported in maintenance free fashion in a screw-in Delrin cup that once again ensures a long service life. The installation of the LEISINGER 3-way tilting bearing allows – as a result of the compact design – economical and efficient construction.

Optionally available with the advanced protection system.

LEISINGER 3-way tilting bearings are comprised of:

  • 1 welding ball, optionally with round or square welding end
  • 1 tilting bearing with replaceable Delrin cup
  • 1 Noise Cancellation System
  • 1 security bolt and cotter pin

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